Mothers of Prima Materia

A collective of artists who create beauty that surpasses both the artists and the art created, inviting this beauty into our lives by creating art that impacts, aids, and strengthens humanity; opening our eyes to the transcendent.


As an artist I’m always encountering, contending with, and working through the unknown until I arrive at what I would describe as a beauty that transcends both myself and the painting. Opening my eyes and others to the transcendent, if you will.


To tell a story using only a sliver of life. I hope that my work moves those who see it to stop for a second and ponder. Like a memory, a song or some words that can take you to a time or place. I attempt to let every image tell its own story, and help to create a macabre feminine emotion that is full of strength and beauty with melancholy undertones.


There is a creator and an iconoclast in all of us. An elevated discipline is required in order to explorer both sides of the spectrum. I am interested in finding the light, even in the darkest places. My art is searching for celestial environments and beings.


I believe that we all carry pain with us, a pain that we try and hide from the world, but our expression works against us, giving us away. Embroidery is home, it’s my intent to return to my mother and the shelter I need. My work is based on revealing gazes, in hidden sadness that comes to light without permission.


In my art I explore the presence of the digital age and it’s ongoing impact on the fabric of our contemporary lifestyle and environment. I am concerned with diverse subjects as the spirituality of dreams, environmentalism and the ever expanding realm of technology.


3:15pm Tuesday February 19th, 2019. I’m writing this with one eye on my 3 month old and an ear pointed towards the monitor which will alert me with screaming from my 2 year old before I finish typing this. I meant this statement, but I honestly didn’t finish that sentence and now I’m holding the two month old and the monitor is blaring. I make art everyday. Currently the amount of hours I’m able to do that is drastically cut down. I’ve made a collage everyday since 2013 as part of an endurance art project currently underway. I’m getting paint on my hands weekly and that will soon be daily; again.